The History of Fishing

When fishing was first discovered, it was used as a way to find food for themselves and the person's family. The rods that were used were basically sticks, while others may have used spears in order to catch the fish. This practice dates back almost 40,000 years, meaning that it is one of the oldest hobbies or sports that is out there. However, the world has come a long way from simply spearing their fish in order to have food. Now, the act of fishing is viewed as a great way to relax and have fun, while the act of fishing has become more popular and there are many dedicated followers who do this for sport.

The Upper Paleolithic period is the time in which scientists are first discovering that these people fished. There are drawings of people fishing, while also they are finding bones of fish that were consumed. Due to the hunting and gathering style that these people adopted, these people used fish as a main source of food and this contributed to their being able to survive. The basic styles that were used to get these fish then was the harpoon and spear style in which the fisher would wait patiently for fish to swim near them in order to spear it.

Once the lifestyle of people turned to farming and other forms of food, the modern methods of fishing were starting to develop. Native Americans were perhaps the first to use rods and lines with lure that would attract the fish to bite the line and then they would reel it in. However, even some tribes used a method of inducing a vapor in the water to make the fish flounder and would then catch them in this manner.

The Egyptians introduced the use of boats and nets to finding and catching fish that were in the Nile River. It was around the 12th dynasty in which the hooks became metal so that they were more durable and able to be used over and over again. Until this time, the hooks were mainly wood and with wood hooks the decay that would set in meant having to find new hooks all the time. Most people during this time would club the fish until they were dead in order to have these as food.

Around 1496 is when the act of leisure fishing was first identified. There were many books and papers printed out on just how the person should be fishing in order to gain success. These were designed for gentlemen so that they could enjoy their time on their own and have some fun while fishing. Fast forward to today and we see that the leisure fishing is the activity that dominates the fishing world. The person can now compete in competitions, are known to catch and release their fish instead of keeping them for food, and then winning prizes based on the fish that they have caught. The history of fishing has combined in order to make fishing what it is today, and for that most fishers are thankful that they have the technology to no longer have to spear their fish.